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Tumbling Classes

Tumbling Classes We Offer

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Enrollment is Open!

1 hour class/week - $98.00/month
$35 Registration Fee upon enrollment
Sibling discounts and multiple class discounts available.
We offer a Free Trial for your first class * Option available on Registration Form

*To sign up for a Free Trial, select 'Register' next to an available class * As you complete the Registration form, there is a Free Trial option*

Please see our Recreational Policies and Gym Closings/Holiday Schedule

*Showcase Week will be held twice a year during regular class time in January and July. These Showcases provide students with the opportunity to show off their skills learned in class.

Jr. Tumble (ages 5-8, girls & boys)

Jr. Tumble is designed for younger beginner tumblers.

Jr. Tumble 2 (ages 5-8, girls & boys)

Jr. Tumble 2 is designed for younger novice level tumblers who are beginning to work back handsprings.

Tumble 1 (ages 7+, girls & boys)

Tumble 1 is designated for beginner level tumblers.

Tumble 2

Tumble 2 is for novice level tumblers who are beginning to work their back handspring.

Tumble 3

Tumble 3 is designed for intermediate level tumblers that are working round-off back handspring and tuck work.

Tumble Advanced

Our Tumble Advanced and Elite classes are for those athletes that are ready for the next level. Tumble Advanced meet once a week for 1 hour and Elite classes are once a week for 1 1/2 hours. Both are based upon coach recommendation and evaluation.

Tumble Elite